Meet Adelaide + Austin

Adelaide + Austin is a children’s fashion and culture subscription box that immerses kids in cultures around the world with fun-filled monthly boxes. Our boxes are designed to expose kids to the lifestyles and stories of kids around the world.

Every month, kids will receive a box that takes you on a flight to travel around the world using your imagination with Adelaide and Austin. Our boxes include heritage-inspired fashion, cultural cosplay outfits, local crafts and recipes, collectible mini-poster stickers to put in your travel passport, and shared stories from kids around the world.

Alongside our box delivery every month, we will also launch Spotify playlists of the trendiest kids’ music from our monthly selected culture for a fully immersive experience. Our collections bring new experiences and adventures right to your doorstep


Adelaide + Austin is a brand that prides itself on educating kids and building a large community that celebrates different cultures. Our subscription service was developed to educate and celebrate children around the world.

The United States is a melting pot of different cultures and we want kids to feel represented through each of our boxes. We’ve created Adelaide and Austin, our Chief Travel Officers, to represent the curiosity and acceptance of children. Adelaide and Austin are two 4th graders who have set out on a mission to search for Adelaide's heritage since she was adopted and don’t know much about where she comes from.

Adelaide and Austin go to the library on the first Friday of every month and use their imaginations to take them to a different country to see where Adelaide feels most at home. Each box represents a new adventure and we want to bring our customers along with us.

Where Will Adelaide and Austin Travel to Next?

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